Wednesday, 8 March 2017

O Women ! You are Beautiful !!

Hey, You! Yeah, You...the one reading this! You are beautiful !! Yes, you heard it right... You are beautiful !!.

You are beautiful... It is not that branded cosmetics or expensive dresses or accessories that make you beautiful...they just make you look attractive.
Do you want to know why you are beautiful..what makes you beautiful ??
Well.. You are beautiful...for all the sacrifices you did for your loved ones. You are beautiful even when u wake up with your messy hair and without any makeup and start doing household activities...You are beautiful when you are cleaning your home ..while cooking ..and even when you are taking care of your kids and family...You are beautiful..when you was preparing food for your hubby and child..while running down in fever.
You are beautiful not only from outside but from inside.
You are beautiful because of your soul...which is full of love and care for others.
As a mom, as a sister, as a daughter, as a wife you have made many sacrifices..and that's what makes you beautiful.
Do u remember the day when you have to opt to leave your job..just for your little baby (your bundles of joy)?
Do u remember the day when you got married to someone ...whom you don't even know properly..just to make your dad nodded your head on his decision...whereas deep inside you wanted to marry your boyfriend.
Do u remember the day..when you have gifted your best toy to your brother...however you didn't want to share that toy with anyone..but still with a smiling face u gifted to him.
Do u remember the day..when you wanted to go for a movie..but your husband wanted to go for an IPL match or he wanted to stay in home to take have let him do..what he wanted to.. Just to make him happy and comfortable...whereas it was your favorite's actor movie for which you waited for so long..
Do you remember the day..when you wanted to say NO...but you end up saying YES because of your loved ones? Do you remember..?? You do...right.. Cause deep within you wanted to do something which you like..but circumstances didn't you did..what others wanted you to do...Most of the times you have compromised & sacrificed your own desires, career, dreams and happiness just to make your family see their smiling faces.
 Were you really happy ??.
You were smiling by seeing your loved ones happy..but is that smile was from within..?? or deep inside you wanted to pursue your own dreams. To live your life the way you want to live.
The answer is NO.
Do you are an amazing creation of GOD.
Don't you think God's this creation deserves happiness too ??.
It's good to take care of family fulfill their give them should but don't forget yourself too deserve appreciation & happiness.Fight for your dreams...take a stand for one else will do it for you.
Well.. I am not asking you to become was never..nor you will be...please do remember SELF LOVE is also important.
These Women's Day... Do a commitment that you won't let yourself and anyone ruins your happiness and dreams.
Promise yourself that you will say NO when required to say NO.Promise yourself that you will say YES to yourself...a big YES to all your dreams and happiness. Empower Yourself.You don't need anyone to approve you. Never underestimate yourself.. Appreciate yourself because you are are are spread peace.
Remember: You are a beautiful soul..worthy of all the are are are are are are strong.You are a wonderful creation of God. You give your best to your loved ones but don't forget yourself too.
You are beautiful in every single way. Love & Respect Yourself.A very Happy Women's Day to all the Wonderful & Beautiful Ladies !! Keep Shining :)

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